Athletics and education are partners for success at Carmel Middle School.  The coaching staff, the students, and the parent volunteers contribute to the outstanding reputation of Carmel athletics.  Students in grades 6-8 participate on twenty-nine teams in ten sports.   Carmel Middle School is proud of its student athletes in and out of the classroom.  One principle value of sports is in the realization that life is reflected in the athletic endeavor. 

Success is facilitated by  
  1. being well prepared,  
  2. maintaining a positive attitude,  
  3. developing a dedication to a cause
  4. establishing high standards of conduct and attitude.   
Athletics prepare our young people for the challenges of adult life.  The athletics staff wants your child to have a very positive experience at Carmel Middle School.  With your help and your positive support of the staff at CMS, the experience that all will have will be most rewarding.