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Bio Cube

Bill of Rights game-Constitution Center

Bill of Rights matching - Quia


Bones Labeling Activity - ABCya

Book Character Websites

Branches of Government game

Character Trading Cards

CCS Acceptable Use Policy

Colonial House - PBS site

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg - Kid Zone

Community Club - Career Read-alouds

Compare and Contrast Map

Diamante Poem

Dinos for Kids

Discovering Ancient Egypt




Eight Wonders of the Solar System

Environmental games

Fact Fragment Frenzy

Famous Hoosiers

First Thanksgiving

Flower Power

Famous Hoosiers - Indiana Historical Society

Forces of Nature

Garbage Barge video - NY Times

Genre Quiz

Gingerbread Man story

Greek Mythology - Ancient Arcade

Greek Mythology - Mythionaire

Hamilton County website

Historical Maps

Hour of Code exit slip


Indiana - Past and Present

Invasive Species game

Inventions by Kids

Landforms- Mr. Nussbaum

Language Arts Websites

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

Lechuguilla Cave

Lemonade Stand

Letter Generator

Lewis and Clark Expedition Base Camp

Liberty! The road to Revolution

Literary Doodle Splash

Magic Treehouse Website

Math Maven's Mysteries

Media Center Activities Online

Moon Challenge

Myth Builder

NASA for Students

NASA Kids' Place

NASA Mars Exploration

NASA Space Place

National Geographic Kids News

National Geographic - Forces of Nature

Pete the Cat

Rags and Riches

Riddle Poem

Road to Revolution

Safari Montage (access by staff only)

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Similes and Metaphors on Quia

Social Studies Websites

Solids and Liquids in Action

Sound Match - Clifford

States of Matter Game Show

Story Starters - Scholastic

Storyline Online


Student Schoolyard



Theme Poem

Thirteen Colonies - Interactive Map

Time For Kids News

Tour the Solar System

TRAILS Assessment


Water Cycle Website by Scholastic

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What's What in the Executive Branch

Who Wants to be a Mythonaire

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