Activities & Programs

Annual Science Fair

The Carmel Elementary Science Fair is open to 4th and 5th grade students. The goal is for students to ask a testable, scientific question and answer it by conducting an experiment using the Scientific Method. Science Fair projects will be produced by students working individually at home with their parents acting as coach and sponsor, guided by the Science Fair Committee. All work will be conducted independently following SEFI guidelines over the course of 6 weeks, starting after Winter Break. Projects will be presented & judged at school. Winners have the opportunity to advance to SEFI Regional and State competitions.

For detailed information, including fair guidelines, timelines and more, click here.

Kickoff Meeting: 
12/8/16, 6:30 PM, CES Media Center

12/8/16 - 1/6/17

Event Information:
Monday February 13, 2017
6:30 PM, CES gym/cafeteria

Questions? Email

Science Fair Director: Jennifer Alcantara
Science Fair Coordinator: Lori Yesh
Science Fair Advisor: Amanda Clancy 
Science Fair Faculty Advisors: Whitney Diggs and Ali Lewis 


Extracurricular Clubs & Organizations

Carmel Elementary and the PTO sponsor numerous extracurricular clubs and organizations.  For more information, see the link below for a listing of these clubs and organizations as well as meeting information and contacts.  Get involved in one or many!


100 Book Club

CE students have the opportunity to record 100 books that they have read (or have read to them in Kindergarten and 1st grade) throughout the year.  Students are awarded prizes after reading 25, 50 and 75 books.   Each year that a student reads 100 books, they are awarded a cumulative t-shirt recognizing the number of years they have read 100 books. This program begins in September with the teachers distributing the official 100 Book Club log book and ends the first Monday in May.

Please contact  with any questions Carolyn Wyatt,