Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Sciences (F&CS) provides the bridge needed by all students to impact society in areas such as work-and-family, health care, child and elder care, hospitality, global economics, and education. F&CS is a catalyst to bring these topics into action-oriented, skill-building educational programs. The Indiana F&CS Education program provides a platform for students to move into a new era by gaining a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for successfully living and working in the 21st century.

All family and consumer science courses count towards the Career-Technical program sequence needed for the Technical Honors Diploma. Dual credit courses count towards the Academic Honors diploma.    

CHS provides an array of FCS course offerings in the following career pathways:

  • Education and Training

  • Hospitality and Human Services

  • Architecture and Construction

  • Business Marketing

  • Health Science


Department Contact Information

Nancy Spencer, Department Chair

317-846-7721 ext. 7441