Course Sequence

This document shows the course schedule that is common for IB students. Of course, the schedule is a proposal, and does not fit every student. For an individualized schedule, contact the IB Coordinator or your child's counselor.


Plan your schedule

If you'd like to plan your schedule to make sure you have all of your requirements, this form will make it easier. Remember to take at least three classes at a high level (HL) and three at a standard level (SL). You do not have to take a group 6 course; you may substitute a course from groups 1-5 instead.

Participation in the IB Diploma Programme provides excellent preparation for college. The following link contains admissions information for recent IB graduates.

 College Admissions Data


Contact Information

Chard Reid
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Carmel High School
520 East Main Street
Carmel, Indiana 46032

CHS IB Faculty

ToK, CAS, Extended Essay:

Allyson Wells-Podell

Group 1:

Jen Rhodes

Katie Overbeck

Danielle Johnson

Allyson Wells-Podell

Group 2:

Angelika Becker

Leslie McCarty

Elizabeth Sprague

Caren Rickett

Greer Trapkus-Harris

Andrea Yocum

Group 3:

Will Ellery

James Ziegler

Sandy Gardner

Pete O’Hara

Group 4:

Kimi Fellers

Jeff Young

Group 5:

Peter Beck

Jan Mitchener

Paige Wehr

Dan Perdun

Michael Hosking

Group 6:

Jon Kane

Jim Peterson

Maggie Hite