What is AVID?

 AVID is:

·         a system that teaches students tools to succeed in high school and beyond

·         hard work and requires the student to maintain good grades

·         a support for students with college potential 

·         a 4-year elective class which focusses on skills in reading, writing, collaboration, inquiry, and organization

·         a "family" atmosphere that encourages students to encourage one another

·         a class that allows time to explore colleges, career options, personaility interests, and develop a plan for the future


·         remedial or a study hall

·         meant for every student

·         an easy A

·         for the unmotivated student

·         busy work

AVID students are:

·         academically motivated

·         willing to work hard in order to reach future goals

·         motivated to improve upon bad academic habits

·         students who want to attend a 4-year university

·         able and willing to take an ACP/AP/IB/Honors classes

·         involved in extracurricular activities in the community

 ·         much better prepared for college than their classmates 

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