Mock Trial

Background information about Mock Trial


The Carmel High School Mock Trial Team is an academic competition.  This is a joint venture between the Hamilton County Bar Association and Carmel High School.  Students take the role of either an attorney or a witness.  They study and prepare to present one and only one case.  This year it is the case of United States of America v. Chase Gold.  It is a criminal prosecution in which an Olympic sprinter has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and allegedly lied about it at the hearing.  Gold is also charged with bribery and obstruction of justice.  Although the rehearsals and selection of roles is similar to a play, there is no script for the students to follow.  There is a packet of evidence, depositions, affidavits, investigation reports, and witness statements to learn.  Students, however, must be prepared to “think on their feet” just as attorneys and witnesses must do in real life.

The individuals who participated in a specific role are as follows:

Prosecution Team

Sheen Zheng, prosecution attorney
Rachel Krieger, prosecution attorney
Mark Tague, witness Lee Ving
Sam Pickett, witness Cash Yurchek
Andrew Kluttz, witness Colin Card

Defense Team


Ema Beeler, defense attorney
Noah Glazier, defense attorney
Erin Libby, witness Chase Gold
David Choe, witness Brighton Early
Sam Pohl, witness Amanda Bishara

In addition the Mock Trial Team has members who belong with the objective of watching, learning, supporting and planning to try out for a specific role for the 2014-15 season.

2014 Championship team

2014 Championship team-group_photo



 2014 Hamilton County Bar Association
Mock Trial Competition
Carmel High School

Carmel High School students participated five rounds of preliminary competition against other high schools in Hamilton County.  The results of those competitions are as follows:

January 15 CHS prosecution team vs. Westfield defense
Carmel won 33-28

January 22 Sheridan prosecution vs. CHS defense            
Carmel won 41-28

January 29 Hamilton Southeastern prosecution vs. CHS defense               
Carmel lost 44-43 (one point!)

February 5 Cancelled due to weather

February 12 Noblesville B prosecution vs. CHS defense 
Carmel won 48-43

The single-elimination tournament was held at the Hamilton County Judicial Center in Noblesville on Saturday, February 22nd.  Teams were seeded according to their performance in the preliminary rounds.  Carmel earned the #3 seed and remaining rounds are winners move on and others are eliminated.  The prosecution and defense sides are chosen by a flip of a coin.  The results of the day were as follows:

Quarterfinals CHS prosecution team vs. Fishers defense
Carmel won 44-41

Semifinals CHS prosecution team vs. Guerin Catholic defense
Carmel won 49-45

Championship CHS prosecution team vs. Noblesville A defense
Carmel won 48-45

In addition students from all schools are eligible for individual awards.  Carmel students earned three awards:

Cash Yurchek Sam Pickett—Runner-up portrayal of witness

Ema Beeler—Best defense attorney

Ema Beeler—Hamilton County Bar Association scholarship