Carmel High School Homecoming Playhouses

Houses For 2018

Faculty Playhouse
Faculty Moose Lodge
Seniors- Incredible!
Senior Class Incredible
Junior Class-Friends
Junior Class Friends
Sophomore Class Winter Wonderland
Sophomore Class Winter Wonderland
Freshman Schoolhouse
Freshmen Class Schoolhouse

2018 Auction Guidelines


*Bidding for the 2018 Playhouse Auction will begin Thursday morning (Sept. 27)! 

Email Amanda Richmond at and include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. BEST email to reach you
  3. House on which you are bidding
  4. Daytime phone and evening phone
  5. Your current bid

Bidding begins at $300 for the house and successive bids must be made in $50 increments. Once a person has been outbid, they will be contacted to see if they wish to make another bid. Early bidders will be contacted via email if they have been outbid. After 3:00 p.m. on Friday, the bidding will then take place at the CHS Homecoming Football game. If you cannot attend the game, but would still like to bid via phone, please let Amanda know your intentions and she will arrange for you to bid via phone. 

*If you cannot be reached via phone once you have been outbid, you will no longer be listed as the highest bidder.

All proceeds from the sale of each house will benefit Carmel Youth Assistance Program:

Bidding will end at the start of half-time **However, if there are two or more active
bidders at that time, bidding will continue until someone places the highest
winning bid**