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CLASS OF 2019: All students applying to college are required to complete the Counselor Feedback Survey which can be found in the Planner/Tasks section of Naviance Student.  These questions should be completed no later than September 14, 2018.  If you have an early deadline, you will need to complete the questions at least 2 weeks prior to that deadline.

Tutorial: How to Request a Teacher Rec Via Naviance 

Additionally, please complete a Teacher Recommendation Questionnaire for EACH teacher you wish to ask to write a letter of recommendation for you. 



Contact Information

The Counseling Center provides services to students regarding academic, personal/social, career, college, and testing throughout the high school experience.  We have 15 counselors available to assist every student.  We also have two part-time College Advisors who work in our College and Career Resource Center on gold days, and a full-time College and Career Resource Coordinator.  CHS also serves students with 3 Student Services Coordinators who focus on social and emotional needs.

Carmel High School Counseling Center
Phone: 571-5922    Fax: 571-4056
Open school days from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm

 Twitter icon that links to our Twitter page. @CHSCollege411