Scholarship Process

The following document outlines the process for identifying scholarships:

Finding Scholarships and Merit-Based Aid Opportunities

Scholarship Confirmation Form (Click Here)

All CHS seniors who have earned scholarships are asked to submit a scholarship
confirmation form to the CHS Counseling Office WITH a copy of the official
scholarship notification letter(s). Please note that we ask seniors to submit
only those confirmed college scholarships for the school the student will be
.  All financial information will remain confidential. 

Submission of the scholarship confirmation form and notification letters will
enable your child to be recognized in the following way(s):

At Class Day for college-awarded scholarships on Thursday, May 18th
during SRT.

At Community Scholarship Night on Thursday, May 18th, at 6:30
p.m., in the CHS Auditorium for community-based scholarships. 

All scholarship information submitted by the deadline will also be
listed in the commencement program. 

The last day to submit confirmations for recognition on May 18th
AND in the commencement program is Monday, May 1st.