Study Skills

Study Skills

Helpful Study Skills Websites

How to be a Student:

Learning Services:

Research Paper:

Study Skills Package:

Study Skills Self-Help Info:

Study Strategies:

Study Skills Self-help:

Gotta Write A Paper!?



Concentration: Rules of Thumb:

Learning Styles Survey:

Information on the Cornell note-taking system, including step-by-step instructions:

This gives concrete advice on how to listen:

Provides a nice visual on how students pay attention/forget during a one-hour lecture:

Topics are math and science.  This is an animated, interacting testing and learning site for middle and high school students; they can take a variety of tests or games and compare their scores to students across the nation:

For the more visual student, note taking with mind-maps might work well: 

A handout detailing on effective listening and note taking; also includes a list of things to do before class, during class and after class:

Students who are struggling to manage time on completing projects can use the project calculatorat It provides timelines, instructional aides and resources for students. Be sure to check the related links.

Purdue University On-Line Writing Lab Give handouts, links, search tools and more concerning writing

Study Skills Self Help Information Virginia Tech's site on study skills

Managing Time This Columbia University site offers ideas on how to manage time and improve comprehension. Provides foreign language study resources as well

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline for Science & Math
1-800-ASK-ROSE  Penn State University -- Topics include reading comprehension, note taking, test taking, writing, understanding instead of memorizing, studying math and science, and working on study/learning teams.  Additional information here. St. Louis Unversity math study skills


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