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The educational experience offered by Carmel High School is like none other. A large school like ours offers a rich and varied curriculum, as well as numerous extra-curricular opportunities for our students. At Carmel High School, our curriculum includes not just a wide range of IB and AP courses, but also other rigorous academic offerings in our core departments. In addition, we offer exciting electives like radio, TV and print media, advanced art classes, multiple programs in industrial technology, family and consumer sciences and business, and challenging classes in performing arts.

Carmel is a school that defies typical stereotypes. Historically, student attendance, behavior and achievement here are outstanding. Our student body is involved in athletics, performing arts and activities to an impressive rate. Nearly one fourth of our 4,950 students are also athletes and hundreds more are involved in other extra-curricular activities.

The Freshman Center facility has three floors, each nearly identical in structure. We refer to the floors as Houses, and each House has very similar course offerings.

Each House includes about 400 freshmen who have most of their academic classes in that area of the building as well as their locker. In addition, we have 4 counselors assigned to the Freshman Center.

House teachers help provide consistency for students, allow for collaborative time together, and increases availability for student support. In-building counselors allow for easier access and better communication with students and staff.

Carmel High School has been recognized by the Secretary of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School. In addition to that very prestigious honor, we are named a Best Buy School by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. We are very proud of these honors and realize that they are acknowledgements of years of excellence in education.

Our staff is on a journey of professional development that includes Professional Learning Communities. In these groups, teachers are thoroughly examining their curriculum and teaching practices, finding ways to ensure student achievement and exploring ways to support students who are struggling.

Carmel High School is a great place for students. And we are always looking for ways to improve so that we can offer the best experience possible for our students.

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