The purpose of the Freshman Center is to provide CHS students with a seamless transition to high school, a sense of community and support to pursue a challenging curriculum.



Research shows us that students entering 9th grade are at a vulnerable point in their academic careers. At the Freshman Center, we are committed to making that transition as smooth as possible for our students. We work to create a seamless bridge to high school for students and parents. We make involvement in student activities a norm for our freshmen and offer the Greyhound Kickoff Mentor program and a variety of opportunities for incoming families to get comfortable with their school.


We work to develop a sense of community in school through the development and nurturing of relevant relationships in academic and extracurricular areas in each House.  Each House works to administer to the "whole" student - socially, academically and physically -- by providing a safe, dynamic environment that is supportive and welcoming. In the Freshman Center, we also focus our energies on staying connected to Carmel High School by honoring the traditions, history and expectations of our school.


The Freshman Center is committed to creating a supportive environment where all students are expected to excel in an appropriately rigorous curriculum. This is accomplished by building a foundation of solid study skills that supports high academic expectations so our students can continue to achieve above state requirements. Students are expected to develop and maintain a long range plan. Our staff employs a system of intervention for students who do not demonstrate academic proficiency.