Greyhound Kickoff Program



Plan on attending on Thursday, February 16th during 1st session in the Freshmen Cafeteria. If you are interested, please fill out the applications provided. This is open to all 2017-2018 juniors and seniors. Please turn in the applications to the Student Services Office no later than 3:15 on  February 24th.


Upcoming Connection Sessions and important dates, Semester 2. (Jan.-May, 2017)

Jan 6th Welcome back

Feb 10th Valentine's Day Theme

Feb 24 -All GKOM Applications are due.

April 12th- GKOM Training Day

April 28th-Good Bye 

Incoming Freshmen:  Freshman-Kick Off will be held on Friday, August 11th for the Class of 2021.  We will start registration at 9 am that morning.  New freshmen should arrange for their ride to pick them up no later than 2 pm. on that day.  Parents do not need to come in to get students. Also, the Carmel Cafe will be open throughout the day. Please bring money if you would like to purchase a drink or sprit wear from the cafe.

GKOMs- GKOMs will report to the Freshmen Cafeteria on Aug. 10th for refresher training. Refresher training will start at 12:30. You will be released no later than 2 pm.  GKOM T-shirts should be picked up as well on the 10th. GKOMs will need to bring party supplies to decorate their SRT. On the 11th, GKOMs should plan on arriving no later than 8:30 for a brief meeting. Plan on staying until 2:30.   Also, please bring markers and pens for your freshmen to use during kickoff. Thank you for volunteering to spend your last Friday of the summer to make CHS a better place for OUR Freshmen.