Program Overview


What’s a GKOM?

GKOM stands for Greyhound Kick-Off Mentor. Approximately six junior and senior mentors will be picked for each SRT. A ratio of one mentor for every six students is our goal.

How do you become a GKOM?

Current CHS Sophomores and Juniors may apply in the spring semesters to become GKOMs. Applications are on this webpage or at the callout meeting in mid February, in the Freshman Cafeteria.  Students should listen to February and March announcements each year for details .  Part of the application includes a signed Code of Conduct form that must be turned in by every GKOM when they apply. Those students selected are trained in April to become GKOMs for the following year.

What's the selection process for GKOMs?

Our freshman SRT teachers are able to select their own mentors from our list of a pool of over 800 applicants.

What’s Kick-off Day?

Kick-off day is the Friday before school starts. It is designed to help freshmen build a connection with the school, their mentors, learn where things are, go through the lunch line, and meet their SRT teacher so they will feel comfortable and confident on the 1st day of school.

What’s a GKOM Connection?

Connections are set times when we bring all GKOMs together with all freshmen, usually during SRT. Three GKOM Connections have been scheduled during each semester.

Are there other times the GKOMs meet with the Freshmen?

That’s up to the SRT teachers and their GKOMs.

• Are there other perks to being a GKOM?:

Yes, GKOMs can request a letter of recommendation for colleges and scholarships from Mr. Meyer and/or their SRT teacher.  Of course, the greatest perk is making CHS a more inviting and exciting school for our freshman students.

• What's the GKOM Council?

The GKOM Council is made up of student leaders who work to plan the Kick-off Day and the Connection Sessions throughout the school year. This leadership group is open to seniors only who served as GKOMs during their junior year and wish to take on more of a leadership role in the program during their senior year. They are housed in a special SRT to provide them time to work on these duties.