Speaker of the House -
The Speaker of the House is elected each spring by the student body at Carmel High School.  The Speaker's job is to oversee the House Cabinet and the House members, coordinate all House meetings and events, and serve as a liaison with the CHS student Senate.


House Cabinet - The House Cabinet is selected each spring through an application and interview process.  Students must have been a member of house or senate for at least one year to be considered for cabinet. The House Cabinet has a special student government SRT where they work on planning upcoming events and meetings.  These students serve as the committee chairs for each of the House events during the year.





















House Members - 500 members from grades 9-12 make up the CHS House. Members apply in the fall and are selected from their applications. The House members work to plan events and they also are required to attend House functions and meetings.

Students gathered for House Meeting

House Contact Information

For more information about CHS House, please contact:
Miss Sarah Wolff, Sponsor