Engineering and Technology Education

Welcome to Our Department

The Engineering and Technology Education department stresses the practical application of knowledge learned throughout the school's curriculum. Emphasis is on hands-on experiences. Basic skills and knowledge are applied to projects and work experiences that broaden the student's understanding of specific skills. Good work ethics, teamwork, and cooperation are emphasized as attributes necessary for successful completion of the courses, future education pursuits, and careers.


Department Contact Information

John Coghlan, Department Head

317-846-7721           ext. 7516 

Sid Swartzendruber  ext. 7054

Zachary Bonewit       ext. 7046

Laura Erli                   ext. 7518

Zach Jones                ext. 7517

A Department for:

  • Pre-Engineers...
  • Hands on learners...
  • The builder...

and for any student who enjoys discovering solutions to real life problems.


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