Intramural Guidelines & Expectations





The Intramural Board of Directors is composed of the Intramural Directors.

The Board will be responsible for the administration and development of activities and events for the intramural program.



The Carmel High School Intramural program strives to

provide facilities, programs, and development

opportunities in the area of recreation, which enhance

the health and well being of students, faculty and staff.

This program offers a wide variety of quality

recreational and intramural programs which foster

personal, educational, ethical, and physical




All students, faculty, or staff playing intramural sports

are expected to adhere to the posted schedule for

playing and participating in the activities they enter in.

Current weekly schedules of games, activities, or events

will be updated on this website on a weekly basis. Some

changes may occur in the schedule. Participants are

asked and encouraged to check this website on a daily

basis as changes may take place on short notice.



1. Once the last game is completed, all participants will be

encouraged to leave the field house. Loitering around

the field house or common areas of Carmel High School

will not be tolerated. Students will be expected to respectfully

comply with the request.  

2.  All players will present their student ID during check in prior to the start of their game.

3. School policies on dress code and behavior will be


4. All participants listed on a team entry must meet all

stated eligibility requirements (see below).

5. Teams will forfeit all wins for which an ineligible

player participated and further action may be taken.

6. All participants are expected to conform to special

rules or procedures set forth for any scheduled


7. All participants are expected to exhibit good

sportsmanship, fair play, and abide by all rules of

the Intramural program and the scheduled activity.

Remember that it is a privilege to participate in

intramurals, and one that can be taken away from you.

8. Any foul language, or act(s) of unsportsmanlike

behavior of a non-physical nature no matter who intended for, will

not be tolerated.  Dismissal from the activity will be applied,

and a referral to the CHS Dean's Office will also occur.  Removal

from the league may also result.

9. Any act of sexual harassment will not be tolerated.  Dismissal from

the activity will be applied, and a referral to the CHS Dean's Office will also

occur.  Removal from the league may also result.

10. Any participant dismissed from a contest due to an act

of unsportsmanlike behavior regarding a physical

confrontation will be immediately removed from the facility,

the student will be referred to the Carmel High School Dean’s Office,

and removal from the league may also result.  Building security may

also be called if additional assistance is necessary. 



To participate in CHS Intramurals, you must:


1. Be a student in good standing with a current CHS

ID card.

2. If you are currently participating (includes

practicing / playing) or have participated within the

school year with a CHS freshmen, JV, or varsity

sport, you MAY NOT participate in the “associated

sport” within intramurals.

3. Any senior who graduates mid-term must seek approval from

Mr. Inskeep regarding second semester participation.

4. All participants must complete the Student / Parent

Certificate and Consent form prior to participating

in intramural. Forms may be picked up at the Captain’s Meeting or

Activities Office. This must be turned in

to an Intramural Supervisor and is acceptable for

any activity during the entire school year.

5. A participant may only participate on ONE team

during a sport.

6. Some activities may have designated divisions. See

the individual activity flyer for information.

7. All students must provide their current student ID

in order to be eligible to compete and participate.  



Each intramural participant will required to wear

appropriate, safe gym shoes. School policies on dress

code will be enforced.



All games will be played at the scheduled time, date and

location. A team roster should be large enough so a

team can accommodate the absence of one or more

players, regardless of the conflict. If a team or

individual does not show up for an event, a forfeit will

be recorded. If either teams or individuals so not show

up, a double forfeit will be recorded and both teams will be

provided with a loss for that event. 



Any person, showing signs of blood on their person or

clothing, will be immediately removed from the game or

activity and will not be permitted back into any activity

until the clothing has been removed, or the blood flow

has stopped. Therefore, players and teams are

encouraged to bring extra clothing to their games /

activity for such an occurrence. Any injury requiring

medical attention should be reported immediately.


The student(s) will also be referred to the Carmel High

School Dean’s office.  Removal from the league may also result.