Welcome to Carmel High School's Science Department.

Carmel High School offers a wide variety of science classes from the basics like Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics to the specialized areas of Genetics, Meteorology, Organic Chemistry and more.  Upper level courses prepare students for collegiate courses of study in science, medicine, and engineering.  AP and IB courses round out our curriculum in areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental studies. 

Students who particularly enjoy science may be interested in joining one of our science-related clubs or in beginning a new club for their particular interests.  They will find a number of faculty who share their interests.

Science facilities include laboratory classrooms, a planetarium, a greenhouse, and rooftop areas for our observatory, meteorology instruments, and solar panels. Our rooms are located on the second floor of the B wing, E wing, in the Planetarium, and each floor of the Freshman Center.

AP Biology Summer Assignment

Students taking AP Biology during the 2017-2018 school year have a summer assignment (linked below) to complete by the first day of class.

 Summer Assignment


AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Students taking AP Chemistry during the 2018-2019 school year have a summer review assignment linked below.  Answers are linked as a reference to use AFTER completing the assignment.

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Ion answers  (check AFTER this page of the homework is completed
Problems answers  (check AFTER problems are completed)



Planetarium Shows

Check out our next Planetarium show.

Science Department Brochure


Department Contact

Jen Marlow, department chair
(317) 846-7721 ext.7603


Today’s technical world requires an understanding of science to function effectively in everyday life and to make good choices concerning science-related issues.  This is why courses in the sciences are included as an integral part of our general education.

All areas of science are related and interdependent.  The division into fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, and geology is done only as a matter of convenience.  Specialization is built upon a firm foundation of general fundamental facts.  Students should try to take a variety of courses in science to better understand this multifaceted field of study.