Birding Club

This club is for students interested in better understanding the birds in our area.  Meetings will be monthly and will include some bird-watching hikes.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Ginny Kundrat, room B214

Chemistry Club

Chem Club invites high school students who enjoy learning about the ways Chemistry connects to our world to join us on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month after school.  Chem Club will equip students interested in participating in the American Chemical Society [ACS] US National Chemistry Olympiad [USNCO] in March.  We also lead demonstrations in area elementary schools, and may compete in area high school Chemistry competitions.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Ginny Kundrat, room B214
                 Mr. Jeremy Horner

Club Med

Med Club is for students interested in pursuing careers in medical fields.  Special speakers, labs, and events will be planned during the meetings on Mondays after school.

Sponsor: Ms. Alyssa Mastin, room B215

Environmental Action Club

The Environmental Action Club is committed to sustainability issues on campus, in the community, nationally, and globally. Projects include recycling at Carmel High School and maintaining a community garden plot and butterfly garden. The club works with the CCS Green Team to help CHS adopt green practices. The club meets regularly on Blue Mondays with special meetings and events at other times.

Sponsors: Ms. Kara House and Dr. Sarah Gillam room B204


This is the Carmel chapter of Health Occupational Students of America where club members train and compete in real-life simulated health occupational events.

Sponsor: Mrs. Jen Drudge

Physics Club

Physics Club is open to students currently enrolled in Physics who are interested in preparing for the National Physics Olympiad (F=ma).  Meetings are on blue Mondays.

Sponsor: Mr. James Hambley

Planetarium Club

Planetarium Club is a student-oriented endeavor to give CHS students opportunities to study astronomy in a variety of ways. Students will learn to use and operate the school observatory and planetarium. Students in the club will participate in public planetarium shows and share their experiences with the general public. Special events include visits to other planetariums and science centers.  Meeting times are usually two to three times a month.

Sponsor: Mr. Keith Turner, Planetarium

Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl is a jeopardy-style competition across general areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture,  The teams meet weekly to prepare for area competitions.

Sponsor: Mr. James Hambley, room B214

Science Bowl

Science Bowl invites dedicated science students to participate in this national science competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Teams consist of four members and one alternate answering a variety of questions from various science and math disciplines.  Teams compete at an Indiana regional in February.  The winning team advances to the national competition the end of April in Washington D.C.

Sponsor: Mrs. Ginny Kundrat, room B214

Science for Caring

Science for Caring is a club to enrich the lives of special needs students by introducing them to science.  Easy and fun demonstrations will play a major role in this club.

Sponsor:  Dr. Dan Marble, room B205


Science National Honor Society

SNHS will help students get involved in the science beyond their classes by volunteering in the community, competing in science-based competitions, and cultivating interest in science in younger members of the community. We are a group of like-minded individuals who are united in their passion for science. Requirements for membership: Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 and at least a B in all science classes. They must have taken or be taking an honors, AP, or PLTW science course.

Sponsor: Mrs. Jen Drudge


Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad provides students with the opportunity to work in a cooperative group on science related topics. Emphasis is placed on advanced learning in Science and extending concepts that were taught in the classroom. Science Olympiad provides hands-on experience with real life problems involving students, teachers, parents and the business community.  Meetings are Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays for the months of December through April.  This includes regional, state and national tournaments.

Sponsors:  Mrs. Cindy Henry and Ms. Fran Rushing, room B224

Science Works

Science Works is a club designed to teach children about science through hands-on workshops led by high school students. Our goal is to foster and cultivate interest for science in younger students. Meetings are the first and third Mondays of the month.

Sponsor: Ms. Alyssa Mastin, room B215