Physical Sciences


 Chemistry uses Pearson Chemistry.

Textbook Cover Honors Chemistry uses Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry

AP Chemistry uses Zumdahl's Chemistry, 8th ed.

Organic Chemistry uses Brown & Poon's Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 4th ed.

 ICP (Integrated Chemistry & Physics) uses Holt's Science Spectrum: Physical Science.

Physics I/II uses Holt's Physics.

AP-B Physics uses Giancolli's Physics, 6th ed.

View Larger Cover Image AP-C Physics uses Young & Freedman's University Physics with Mastering Physics, 11th ed.




Purdue University's Chemistry Topic Review 

Chem Tutor: Chemistry tutorial site

Significant Digit calculations

PBS's Atom Builder

Interactive Periodic Table

NASA's Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ausetute's Compound Nomenclature


Succeed in Physical Science


The Physics Classroom: tutorials, simulations, quizzes and more.

U. of Colorado's Physics 2000: Physics simulations and cartoons

Fermilab Science Education