Historic classroom

Room E223 at Carmel High School is a replica of a 1920s classroom as might have been found in a typical Indiana school of that period. The cornerstone for the first Carmel High School was laid on September 17, 1887, at the intersection of First Street S.E. and Fifth Avenue S.E.   In 1921, the cornerstone of a new Carmel High School was laid at the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue N.E.  A new building was then built in 1958 that became the first section of what is present-day Carmel High School. The old 1921 building was nicknamed "Old North" and served as a junior high and then an elementary school.

When it was decided in 1987 to demolish the Old North building to accomodate an expanding CHS, selected materials were saved from Old North to be incorporated into Carmel High School's modern expansion. Many of those materials can be found in the Historic Classroom. The flooring consists of the original oak tongue-in-groove slats. A 900-pound skylight from the study hall in Old North can be found in the ceiling in the front of the room. The blackboards, molding, and doors were all salvaged from the building. The glass case on the north wall of the room served as the main bulletin board on the ground floor opposite the front entrance. The furniture in the Historic Classroom is new, but replicates the style of furniture in use during the target period.

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