Special Projects

Model United Nations


Model UN is an interactive forum for addressing global concerns in a real world context.  Students in this club train, collaborate, and build relationships with one another along with attending various conferences throughout the year.  These experiences foster global citizenship and address current world issues related to regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment. We strive to provide students with a better understanding of the inner working of the UN and to foster skills in diplomacy and compromise while having lots of fun along the way!

Veteran's Day Program


The Carmel High School Veterans Day program is a student-run venture during which we take the opportunity to honor all veterans by recognizing one representative veteran who has ties to the Carmel community. The program features patriotic performances by the school’s show choir and by the wind ensemble. The highlight of the event is the keynote speech given by a junior student, selected from a grade level competition. The Social Studies department is proud to help organize the event. We believe it is our responsibility to thank those whose sacrifices have enabled us to enjoy the blessings of liberty.

National Economics Competition


Each year, Carmel High School puts together teams to compete in the National Economics Competition.  These teams compete in both the David Richardo (AP) and Adam Smith (college prep) divisions.  In the past, these teams have successfully competed at the State, Regional, and National levels.  In 2014, Carmel's David Richardo Division team finished 3nd in the country while the Adam Smith Division team finished 2nd.

National History Day


Each year, thousands of students across the country participate in National History Day.  NHD is a program in which students take on the yearly theme, and then they create an original documentary, paper, exhibit, website, or performance to bring a particular historical story to life.  For this project, students brainstorm ideas, do historical research, conduct interviews, and create a polished finish product that they then present at the District, State, and National Competitions. 

Vietnam Veteran's Round Table

The Vietnam Veteran's Round Table brings together 15-20 Cold War and Vietnam War veterans from throughout the state to speak with students.  The event is designed to give students an opportunity to speak with veterans, in a small group setting, and learn from those who experienced the war first-hand.  The event also provides students with a wide variety of perspectives on the wars and numerous interactive presentations.  The program continues to expand each year as veterans continue to spread word about the event.