The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization that is self-supporting without the use of tax monies. Since its founding in 1903, the Association’s mission has been to provide wholesome, educational athletics for the secondary schools of Indiana. Its member high schools – public, institutional, parochial and private – pay no annual membership fee or incur entry fees to play in the Association’s tournaments. A state tournament series is conducted annually in 20 sports, 10 for girls and 10 for boys. An 18-person board of directors, elected by the member school principals, governs the organization.



Other Reminders

Instruction during in-season (Private Lessons)


                Student-athletes may receive private lessons so long as:

·         They are not mandated, scheduled or paid for by the school

·         No school practices or competitions are missed

·         No student from another school is participating in the lesson, and

·         No member of the school’s coaching staff who provides lessons is compensated for the lesson beyond the compensation the coach earns from the school.




Each member school shall observe a moratorium starting on Monday of the week which includes July 4th. During this seven-day period, there shall be no contact between athletes and coaches, and no athletic activities, including conditioning, conducted.

• 2011: July 4 – July 10
• 2012: July 2 – July 8
• 2013: July 1 – July 7
• 2014: June 30 – July 6
• 2015: June 29 – July 5
• 2016: July 4 – July 10