What is VITAL4?


  • A work study program that provides a vocational training internship to young adults who are transitioning out of high school and preparing to enter the adult world.
  • The VITAL4 program is off-site from Carmel High School.
  • Takes place during the last year (possibly two years) before a student exits.
  • Builds and expands upon skills gained during vocational training opportunities at the high school level. See the Carmel Vocational Training Rubrics. (below)
  • Provides exploration in a variety of vocational settings.
  • Curriculum instruction is immediately followed by real-world application in the intern's community.


How are we Unique?


  • VITAL4 is a mindset. Every aspect of the program is in preparation for adult life.
  • Each intern is able to keep his/her job after completing the VITAL4 internship, as long as his/her employer permits.
  • All vocational experiences are based on each intern’s individual interests, strengths, and abilities. We don’t place interns in job slots, we help interns find jobs to match his/her own unique goals.
  • Our focus is on helping individuals transition in to their adult lives. This means focusing on vocational training, as well as recreation/leisure and independent living skill development.


Who Participates in VITAL4?


  • The intern must be a Carmel High School student pursuing his/her certificate of completion.
  • The intern must be accepted into the program and able to work independently for the majority of his/her work day, after initial training.
  • Behaviors of the intern must not be harmful, dangerous, disruptive, or detrimental to the livelihood of the business and/or working environment.
  • The intern must have held a community paid and/or community volunteer job through the vocational training program at the high school level. For more information, please see the Carmel Vocational Training Rubrics. (below)
  • Additional criteria for the acceptance into the VITAL4 program can be found on the VITAL4 Successful Attributes Checklist. (below)


Carmel Vocational Training Rubrics

Carmel High School offers a wide range of vocational training opportunities that help lead students towards vocational success and independence. Whether a student is just starting out (classroom job) or fine tuning his/her skills (VITAL4)... there is a vocational training program to fit each individual's unique needs, talents, and abilities. Please note: In order to qualify for the VITAL4 program, interns must have held a community paid and/or community volunteer job while at the high school.

VITAL4 Successful Attributes Checklist

Additionally, all interns participating in the VITAL4 program must qualify under the following criteria: