What if my student wants to be in the program?


Typically CHS’s Vocational Training and Transition Services Team will talk to you and your student about VITAL4. If a student is interested in being in the VITAL4 program, they must begin participating in vocational training opportunities at the high school level. This includes working in the community and with a CHS job coach. Participating in these programs at the high school level may help students gain the high level of independence needed for VITAL4.


Where is VITAL4 located?


VITAL4 is currently housed off campus from Carmel High School in the Community Life and Learning Center. Each intern works in various community business sites throughout his/her day.


Why are students called interns?


VITAL4 is for individuals who are transitioning from high school to adulthood. During their time in VITAL4, interns are treated like the young adults they are. Though interns are still receiving services from Carmel Clay Schools and have not yet exited - VITAL4 is NOT the high school and interns are held to a much different expectation.


How do the interns find jobs?


The VITAL4 teacher and job coaches assist interns in finding jobs. Throughout their time in VITAL4, interns will learn the skills needed to search for jobs and apply for jobs on their own. It is our hope that all interns become as independent as possible with finding, obtaining, and maintaining their own meaningful employment. 


What about transportation?


All interns use natural supports for transportation needs. (Hamilton County Express, parent, family/friend, walk, bike, etc.) No big yellow bus!

*Note: For additional information, please see Hamilton County Express Rider's Guide. (below)