World Language Clubs

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Tungfen Lee
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: $5.00
Membership: Open to all students.
Description: This club deals with learning about Chinese Culture, both past and present, through various fun activities that promote learning and ethnic equality.
Special Events:  

CHINESE HONOR SOCIETY Sponsor(s): Mrs. Tungfen Lee

Sponsor(s): Ms. Andrea Yocum and Mrs. Lisa Carroll
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: $10.00 dues.
Membership: An interest in French, especially in French culture.
Description: The purpose of the French Club is to gain further knowledge of the French culture. Monthly activities include: preparing French food, going to a French restaurant,  attending French plays and operas and watching French movies.
Special Events: Melting Pot Fondue restaurant trip at the end of second semester
Meetings: First Thursday of the month at 3:15 p.m. for after school meetings.  

Sponsor(s): Frau King
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: $10.00
Membership: Any student who has an interest in German language and/or German culture is eligible to join
Description: The purpose of the club is to promote the understanding of German language, people and culture. It also offers students a chance to get to know the German exchange students here at CHS.  There is a monthly activity that in some way always involves German culture and/or language, i.e., A German scavenger hunt, hayride at Eagle Creek, the German state convention at Ball State University, symphony, German restaurants, St. Nikolaus day party, etc.
Meetings: Once a month, to be announced.

NATIONAL GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY Deutsche Ehrenverbindung Delta Epsilon Phi 
Sponsor(s): Frau  Becker 
Grades open to: 11-12
Costs/Dues: $ 10.00
Membership: After German III, inductees must be currently enrolled in German IV and/or V, IB or AP, must have attained an overall grade point average of 3.0 and a at least a B+  in German III.
Description: The organization is a national educational honorary society for the study of high school German and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German. The purpose of this organization is to recognize high school scholastic achievement in the study of German and to promote interest in the study of German language, culture, and civilization.
Special Events: Banquet and induction ceremony.
Meetings: Member or committee meetings to prepare for special events and service projects.

Sponsor(s): Ms. Tiffany Litzelman
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: $5.00 once each semester
Membership: Anyone interested in Japanese.
Description: The Japanese Club is an organization for anyone interested about the Japanese language and culture. The club plans various activities throughout the year such as eating in Japanese restaurants, preparing a Japanese meal with the help of local Japanese people, and celebrating some of Japan's festivals.
Special Events: Dinner at Sakura (local Japanese restaurant), guest speakers, "origami days", etc.
Meetings: Twice a month on Tuesdays or most convenient days.

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Marcia Spaid
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: During the traveling years(even), students/families pay for a portion of the trip and fundraise to help cover student travel expense. During hosting years(even), families provide meals, transportation, etc.
Membership: Attend call-out meeting in Fall; complete application; participate in oral interview. Criteria for selection is based on leadership, academics, attendance, enthusiasm, communication skills, social maturity, and faculty input.
Description: The goal of this program is to establish leadership, become aware of international understanding through experiencing a different culture with homestay, attend school, enhance language skills, and acquire life-long friends. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not a requirement.
Special Events: Traveling to Japan in the summer (even years) and hosting a student from Japan in the spring (odd years).
Meetings: November - Spring, meetings twice each month for preparation in program participation.

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Caren Katuin
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: Participation in annual candy sale to defray costs.
Membership: Open to all students who are presently taking Latin, former Latin students or students interested in Latin and Roman culture.
Description: The Latin club is a group of students interested in Latin and Roman culture.
Special Events: Events planned as to student interest.
Meetings: Social events and special travel events are scheduled throughout the school year.

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Caren Katuin
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: None
Membership: A student must maintain a 90% or better average in any year of Latin for the first three quarters of a school year or through the fifth grading period.
Description: The purpose of the Latin Honor Society, which received its charter during the 1984-85 school year, is to reward and honor students for exemplary performance in the study of Latin. Each student inducted into the National Latin Honor Society is presented with a Latin Honor (TESTAMUR) Certificate during a special ceremony to which parents are invited.
Special Events: New members are inducted during the annual Latin awards banquet traditionally held in May.
Meetings: Annual banquet in May


Sponsors: Miss Martin, Mrs. Yanez
Grades open to: 9-12
Costs/Dues: $5.00
Membership: All students interested in Hispanic cultures.
Description: The purpose of the Spanish club is to provide opportunities for students to learn more about and experience various aspects of Hispanic culture such as food, music, art and customs.
Special Events: Enjoying Hispanic cultural events offered in the Indianapolis area
Meetings: Monthly, as announced.