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Clay Middle School
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Frequently Asked Questions


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1.  How can I ensure a smooth transition from elementary to middle school?

Students should get involved and be organized! Participation in extracurricular activities including sports and clubs will help you to get to know other students.  Keep a clean locker, organize your folders, and remember to write assignments down in your Clay Connections.  Be sure to ask your teachers for help if you have questions!

Parents, you too can get involved! Opportunities for you include volunteering at school, joining the PTO, attending your child's academic, athletic or extracurricular events and chaperoning field trips.  Most importantly, ask questions and talk with your child!

Read more at Transition to Middle School-A Parent's Guide

2.  How can I keep track of my child's grades?

MyCCS is an online program that allows you to check your child's grades as well as any missing homework assignments.  You must register with a password to access MyCCS.

3.  Where can I go to find out what daily/weekly assignments my child has for each class?

Your first point of reference should be your child's Clay Connections assignment notebook.  Teachers assign and record their assignments on the board.  They then give students an opportunity to record these assignments in their assignment notebook. 

Your second point of reference should be the teachers' websites.  Teachers update their assignments online under teacher webpages.  Keep in mind that the daily pace and schedule may alter.  Your child should keep record of any deviations from the posted schedule. 

4.  I am interested in individual counseling for my child.  What does the school counselor provide?

Any student who has an academic, behavioral, social or emotional concern is welcome to the school counselors' assistance.  The counselor may arrange a meeting with a student at the request of a parent, teacher or administrator.  Counseling sessions are brief and short-term, intended to give a student an impartial adult perspective or some option for them to pursue.  If it appears that a student could benefit from "therapy" or more substantial long-term counseling from a mental health professional, the information will be shared with the student's parent or guardian.  A parent may then choose to pursue outside therapy.  With parent permission, the counselor or other school representative may serve as a liason between school and the outside therapist.

5.  What support resources are available in the community?

Below you will find a comprehensive listing of community agencies.


6.  What academic, extracurricular, or athletic programs are available at school?


7.  Can I change the order of my classes?

Due to scheduling and staffing, related arts classes are offered during specific class periods. Therefore, a student could not change the order of their classes.

8.  Why is my child required to take a variety of different Exploratory World Language clases?

World Language Program

9.  What is the policy for schedule changes?

This policy can be found in your Clay Connections.  You may email your child's counselor with specific questions or requests.

Clay Middle School Schedule Change Policy

10.  What additional opportunities are provided to help with study habits?

If your child is struggling in a particular subject area, it is recommended that you contact that teacher to discuss extra help opportunities.  We also offer an after school study hall which takes place Monday through Thursday directly after school until 4:10 in the media center.  After school study is supervised by staff members and a late bus is available.  Visit our study skills link for tips. 

11.  Where might I find a list of available tutors?

Parents may access a copy of the Carmel Clay Schools tutor list through MyCCS.  This is a listing of certified staff available to tutor outside of school hours.  Tutors have varying availability and charge private rates.