Counselors & Social Workers

Clay Middle School
Student Services Department
Our Counselors

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship."
-Dr. James Comer-

Kaleesha Thompson
Student Services Administrative Assistant
844-7251 ext. 6724

Erin Naas
All 6th Grade
7th Grade Teams 7-2 & 7-3
844-7251 ext. 6726

Michelle Janson
All 8th Grade 
7th Grade Team 7-1
844-7251 ext. 6884

Gina Potter
Student Services Coordinator
844-7251 ext. 6729

Britney Coats
Student Services Coordinator
317-844-7251 ext. 6727


Need to meet with your counselor

Both School Counselors and Student Services Coordinators work with students.  Although primary roles have been outlined below, involvement with students on an academic and social/emotional level will overlap.

Counselor:  Counselors provide programming focusing on class placement, academic, career, and social/emotional needs.  Examples of primary responsibilities include transitions from elementary and to high school, college & career presentations, scheduling, and social emotional support provided through building wide programming, classroom guidance, small group and one-on-one counseling.

Student Services Coordinator:  Student services coordinators are licensed social workers who work to address issues relevant to our middle school population through one-on-one, small group or school wide sessions with students. Areas of focus include school attendance, social/emotional support, bullying and harassment presentations, and assistance with the adjustment to the social setting of the school.  Student services coordinators serve as a contact regarding free and reduced lunch and assistance to families with financial need.  When appropriate or necessary, school social workers might provide information for outside support services or agencies to help students and families deal with economic, emotional or physical challenges.