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Clay Middle School
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"You can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."
-Abraham Lincoln-

6th Grade Graduation Promise

cap and gown

Although 6th grade students have just begun middle school, it is never too early to plan for the future! Every 6th grade student in Indiana is asked to complete a Graduation Promise. This plan includes a statement of intent to graduate from high school as well as an acknowledgement of the importance of good citizenship, school attendance and diligent study habits.

Clay students will complete the promise with their school counselor's help. We are excited for our sixth grade students to begin their journey through middle school.  These years provide the basis for high school planning an dpreparation.  Clay MIddle School's guidance and teaching staff will continue to work with your child to assure that he or she is on track for high school graduation and is well-prepared for college and beyond. Parents and students can find more information at www.learnmoreindiana.org/plan.