Future Planning

Clay Middle School
Guidance Counseling Department

"You can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."
-Abraham Lincoln-

6th Grade Graduation Promise

Although 6th grade students have just begun middle school, it is never too early to plan for the future! Every 6th grade student in Indiana is asked to complete a Graduation Promise. This plan includes a statement of intent to graduate from high school as well as an acknowledgement of the importance of good citizenship, school attendance and diligent study habits.

Clay students will complete the promise with their school counselor's help. We are excited for our sixth grade students to begin their journey through middle school.  These years provide the basis for high school planning an dpreparation.  Clay MIddle School's guidance and teaching staff will continue to work with your child to assure that he or she is on track for high school graduation and is well-prepared for college and beyond. Parents and students can find more information at www.learnmoreindiana.org/plan.

8th Grade - Let's Think About Your Future Career!

This questionnaire is to get you thinking about who you want to be in the future and how we can help get you there! Midle school is the perfect time to begin thinking about what skills you want and need for future careers that you find interesting.

8th Grade Counseling Needs Assessment

Please complete this anonymous questionnaire to help your Clay Counseling Department to best support our students!

Career Cafe


Dear Parents,

Career Café is an opportunity for our 8th grade students to meet individuals from the community and learn about their careers. 

Career Café speakers share their career journey with students, including how they became interested in their current field, what education and training they needed, what they do in a typical day at their job, as well as any advice to students considering a job in their field. 

We would love to have parents and community members share their career experiences with our students! Career Café presentation dates will be scheduled at your convenience during the months of  October, November and December.  Presentations will begin at 1:30 and will last approximately 30 minutes including time for questions and answers. 

Please complete the Career Cafe Interest Form if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to be a volunteer speaker at our Career Cafe!


If you have any questions, please contact Erin Naas or Michelle Janson.


College and Career Planning

Indiana Career Explorer

Minute Meetings 6th Grade

Drive of Your Life - A fun online career exploratin game that helps middle school students learn more about themselves, higher education and careers.

Learn More Indiana - Indiana's college and career connection.

Trip to College - A step by step guide to the college planning process for any age.

21st Century Scholars - This program aims to assure that all Indiana families can afford a college education for their children.

KnowHow2GoIndiana - Middle Schoolers: College is closer than you think!

Bridges Choices Explorer

Learning Style Inventory - Research shows that people learn in different ways. While each of us uses all of our senses to gather information, some people use one sense more than others while learning. Students can be better learners when they understand their preference for visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), or tactile (touching) learning.

Education Planner Learning Style Quiz

Are You Ready For The Real World?

Alternate Career Activities


6th Grade Graduation Plan

Planning for Graduation Begins in Grade 6

It is never too early to plan for the future!  Indiana code requires that students develop an initial graduation plan during their sixth grade year.  This plan includes a statement of intent to graduate from high school as well as an acknowledgement of the importance of good citizenship, school attendance and diligent study habits. 

Counselors will meet with all 6th grade students  to introduce and discuss the graduation promise and Core 40 graduation requirements.  Awareness and commitment toward meeting graduation requirements are first steps in setting strong goals for the future.  We encourage parents to review graduation promises and Core 40 requirements with their children!

Please see the components of the “graduation promise” as well as a link to Core 40 graduation requirements below. 

Graduation Promise

I understand that education is key to my future and therefore commit to graduate from high school. I will also take the time to plan and prepare for life after high school by:
*being a responsible citizen and making good decisions;
*going to school and actively participating in my learning;
*studying hard and turning in my homework;
*pushing myself to complete Core 40 and considering going beyond it to complete an advanced 
*diploma like Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with Technical Honors;
exploring different careers and learning how college includes lots of options: two- and four-year degrees,         certificates, apprenticeship programs, and the military; and
*asking for help when I need it.

Core 40 & Core 40 with Academic or Technical Honors information can be found at the link listed below.  It’s never too early to set goals for the future!