Small Groups

Small Groups - TBD

Our goal in the Clay Counseling Department is to support as many students as possible through small group meetings.  Below is a list of group offerings including a brief description.  Groups will be run sporadically throughout the school-year based on student need.  Students may be counselor, parent, teacher or self-referred.  Group details including meeting objectives, dates and times will be shared with parents in advance. 

*The majority of groups are "closed" meaning that once they begin, students will not be added.  There are typically no more than 8 students in a group. This promotes the development of rapport and trust in the group setting.  The majority of groups meet weekly for approximately 6 - 8 weeks.  Students may be excused from class for group meetings.  Please note that every effort is made to rotate meetings so students do not miss the same class more than one time.  Teachers are notified in advance and students are responsible for making up missed work.

Parents & Students: Please use the link below to express interest in small group participation. 

Parent & Student Small Group Referral Form

Study Skills - Organizing & preparing for classes.

Friendship Frenzy - Making, keeping, getting to know & getting along with friends.

Digital Citizenship - What's going on online? Learn to react and respond responsibly!

Personal Power...A Group For Girls - Be confident.  Be strong.  Be empowered!  Focus on strengths and esteem while connecting with other girls.

Adios Anxiety - Feeling frustrated and fired up?  Identify anger triggers and talk about cooling down.

Changing Families - Divorce, separation or remarriage?  This can bring about a lot of emotions.  Talk about these changes and feelings and learn that others understand.

Grief Speaks - This group is for students who have lost a loved one.  Take time for talking, listening & empathy. 

Healing Hearts - Friendship, understanding, education and support for students who have a parent who is ill.

Military Kids Connection - Helping students connect and cope when a loved one is in the military.

Middle School Survival! - Get together and chat about everyday life.  This group is perfect for anyone who wants to talk and connect!

Movin' On Up - (8th Grade) Discuss the differences, challenges and opportunities that await you at the high school.

Leadership - If you're wondering how you can grow and get involved as a leader, this group is for you!