Parent Tips

Current At Clay 2017

Thank you to all who attended our 2017 Current at Clay presentations.  Below you will find information and handouts from a variety of different sessions. 

Dale Carnegie Youth Leadership

Technology Resources

High School Preparation 

The Adolescent Brain

St. Vincent Anxiety Presentation
Courage to be Imperfect 
Stress Management Handout

Relational Aggression Among Girls

2018 Date TBA

Girls Night Out - Dinner & A Movie

Learn more about relational aggression in girls

  • What is relational aggression?
  • What roles do girls play in relationships?
  • Tips for parents to help daughters navigate their social world
  • Books & resources


Anxiety Parent Presentation 2016

Thank you to Laura Guzzi from the St. Vincent Carmel Medical Social Work department for presenting to Clay Middle School parents on the topic of anxiety.  We recognize that many students are experiencing increased pressures and levels of anxiety during the middle years.  This valuable resource for parents answers the questions below regarding children and anxiety.  Please know that we encourage parents to reach out to their child's social worker with any questions or concerns. We're here as a resource for students and families!

Clay Middle School Parent Presentation
Middle School Students & Anxiety

Laura Guzzi, LCSW
St. Vincent Carmel Medical Social Work

  • What is anxiety?
  • How is anxiety triggered?
  • What do middle school students worry about most often?
  • What does anxiety look like? 
  • When should parents consider seeking treatment? 
  • How can parents help children cope with anxiety? 

Click here for a video link to the anxiety presentation.