One+DERS is intended to be a collection of One to three (+) minute Digital/Electronic Records (video) of Science or natural history related topics and areas. 

Mark Weaver, creator of One+DERS, wishes to thank Lilly Endowment, Inc. and their Teacher Fellowship and Grant Program for their support and encouragement.  

This series is filmed on location in the West Country of England predominantly in the county of Cornwall.   The episodes (1-3 minutes each) feature a scientific place or idea with digital video and still shots and narration explaining the situation.  Eventually, on the webpage with the video will be an experiment or series of experiments (that may be conducted by teachers or adults) and questions (for all) that are intended to be supportive of the Indiana Science Standards 2010.  (Experiments should not be conducted by students/children without the proper approval from parents and/or teachers and should never be conducted without supervision).

One+DERS may be viewed by teachers, administrators, students, and anyone interested in this area.

Teachers are encouraged to apply for a "Lilly Grant" to create their own professional development, support or rejuvenation program!