General Information

Parent Meeting Notes

Brief notes from the parent meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd (notes will be attached following the meeting)


Callout Meeting

THE call-out meeting is on Tuesday, February 13th. A copy of the handout provided during the callout meeting will be posted after the meeting takes place. Athletes that could not attend the meeting, still need to contact Coach Cole or Kenney so they can be added to the roster.


Students must be enrolled at Clay Middle School, complete a doctor's physical exam (dated after May 1, 2017), complete a parental consent form and concussion form, maintain a 2.0 GPA, and contact Coach Cole or Kenney to express an interest in participating. Physical and consent forms are linked below.

Various forms with information about our program including blank physical and consent forms. Please note that if a student needs to have his/her inhaler on hand during practice and meets, the asthma form needs to be completed by a doctor and submitted to the Nurse's office. The consent for training services must be completed if a child is receive support from the athletic training staff. If a student has already participated on an athletic team this school year these forms have likely already been completed. These forms only need to be completed once each school year.

Here's a full listing of directions to our opponent schools.


Girls' Head Coach: Jackie Cole


Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6816

Boys' Head Coach: Scott Kenney


vm: 844-7251 ext. 6783