Virtual Fieldtrips and Scavenger Hunts


Virtual Fieldtrips and Scavenger Hunts

Virtual Internet fieldtrips are guided tours of web sites that have been selected by educators and arranged in a “thread” that students can navigate with just a click. There are many ready-made virtual fieldtrips. In addition, several of these sites walk the teacher through the process of creating their own virtual field trip. These fieldtrips introduce students to using search engines to find information on the Internet, usually focusing on a particular theme chosen by a teacher.

Learning with iAdventures - Problem solving activities in which students determine the direction and outcome of a content-rich storyline using resources available on the Internet particularly resources providing real-world data and primary documents

Blackwell's Best - Blackwell's best virtual field trips

Ellis Island, an Interactive Tour – an interactive immigration experience (6-12)

Lincoln Memorial – virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial

TechTrekers Virtual Field Trips – topical listing of virtual fieldtrips

Thinkport Fieldtrips - Rich multimedia content including interactive stories, maps, games, timelines, audio and more

Virtual Tours - Links to museums, exhibits, special interest sites, realtime tours, and reality tours

Internet Treasure Hunts – collection of Internet hunts