New Families

Preparing to Enroll

Thank you for making the choice to attend Carmel Clay Schools. We know you will enjoy the opportunities and excellence of our school district.

To enroll, please use the following steps to guide you through the enrollment process.

1) Determine which school your student will attend by visiting our School Boundary Maps here.

  • If you need assistance, you may contact the appropriate school to verify your address is within their boundaries.

2) Be advised of the book rental and supply fees.

3) A fee-based Before and After School Program is available to elementary school students who elect to participate.  This care is provided by the Carmel Clay Parks Department.

4) Gather the following documents:   

     a) An official birth certificate (not a hospital record).

     b) Photo ID and proof of guardianship/custody paperwork.

Acceptable IDs for parents/guardians: Photo ID if student and parent share same last name. If parent and student do not share same last name, then parent ID showing previous last name shared with the child.

Guardianship/custody paperwork must be a complete copy of the most recent court ordered documentation. 

     c) Proof of residency consisting of: 1. a rental agreement, purchase agreement, closing documents, or deed and 2. a utility (electric and/or gas) statement.  All documentation is subject to verification.   

     d) All students must submit an immunization record prior to your child's first day of school.  Click here to see the requirements.

5) Complete the online registration packet at:

Welcome to Clay Middle School

Parents wishing to enroll their child at Clay Middle School must start by completing the online registration form.  After completing the online registration form, please call (317) 844-7251 to schedule an appointment to meet with the counselor.  Please note that the online registration form must be completed at least one day prior to the scheduled meeting with the school counselor.   

Online Registration Form

For a description of courses offered at Clay Middle School, please click on “Elective & Required Activity Course Descriptions”.

We look forward to meeting you soon and including you in the Clay Middle School Family!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.