When are conferences held at Clay?

        Case conferences are scheduled according to your child’s birth date.

August, September, and October- held in January

November, December, and January- held in November

February, March, and April- held in February

May, June, and July- held in April

Where are conferences held?

6th and 7th grade conferences are held at Clay Middle School with a representative from your child’s academic team in attendance. Your student is strongly encouraged to attend.

All 8th grade conferences will occur at the Freshman Center and your child must be in attendance. You will be notified of the specific room prior to the case conference. We advise that you arrive 15 minutes early. The Freshman Center will have a special education and general education teacher present to discuss your concerns. You will also be provided with the name of a Freshman Center contact person to address any concerns you might have about your child’s placement.

What if my child is re-evaluated during the school year?

You and the teacher of record will receive a written report of the re-evaluation results and the re-evaluation will be discussed at the next annual case conference. If there are questions about the re-evaluation or it suggests that changes need to be made in eligibility or programming, a case conference may be requested to discuss the re-evaluation.

What should I do to prepare for the case conference?

Approximately three weeks prior to your child’s case conference you will receive a “Parent Input for IEP” form. Your child’s teacher will use this information, as well as information from the general education teachers, to help prepare the IEP. Review the current IEP and be prepared to make suggestions. Please return this input at least one week prior to the case conference. Your input as a parent is very valuable. A proposed draft copy will be sent home prior to the case conference. Please review it prior to the Annual Case Conference and bring the proposed draft to the caseconference.

What if my child is 14 years old or will turn 14 during the next school year?

Along with the “Parent Input for IEP” form you will receive a Parent/Guardian Individual Transition Plan Survey (ITP). In making plans for the future, it is important to consider your child’s choices and preferences for adult life. Please discuss those choices with your child as you complete the survey. The survey needs to be returned at least one week prior to the case conference so the information can be included in a draft form of the IEP.

When will we discuss classes for the next school year?

You and your child will have a brief appointment with your child’s counselor to discuss class selections for the next school year. During the month of May, your child’s Teacher of Record will verify those courses with you and your child.