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This website is maintained by its administrator Mark Weaver,
Science Department at Clay Middle School
and hosted by the Carmel Clay Schools
Carmel, Indiana

Here is some basic information about this website.

Background and disclaimer.....

Please understand that the birds depicted in this website are as my seventh grade students see them and draw them.  This website is not intended to be comprehensive at this time of all Indiana birds.  The identification chart is based solely on the characteristics studied by the students and the classification system is based only on those birds that were studied.  At this time, not all student work for this project appears on this website.  This is solely due to technical difficulties in loading their work and having it properly coded.  Lack of appearance does not indicate any opinion in quality or craftmanship by the student.  Each student researched "their" bird.  They looked at various texts, illustrations, real-life photos, and possibly saw the bird themselves.  They then drew free-hand their rendition of their bird.  No drawing was traced, photocopied, enhanced, or otherwise.  During the student research phase of the bird, not only did they have to create their interpretation, but also had to find facts, scientific (Latin) names, locations and other interesting information about their bird.  Eventually, they transposed their work to the computer, scanning their images and typing-wordprocessing their text to bring them together to make the WebPages that you will see here.  I am very proud of these students' efforts and continue to look forward to more of their work as this site continues to expand and improve.  Plans continue to look at making this a more comprehensive listing of Indiana birds, adding more drawings, adding photographs of the birds themselves. (Currently we have only a limited collection shot by the students). And also add a live "feeder-cam" which would be located somewhere on school property once our renovations are complete.   I again thank Rose Hulman Homework Hotline program and grant for sponsoring this project.        

                        -- Mark Weaver

With extraordinary support from Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline Educators Grant, the Clay Junior High School PTO, the Carmel Clay Schools, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, fellow educators, media specialists, families, and of course the students, this project would not have gotten off the ground.