Day 10

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2007 (DAY 10)

 Sometime today, according to what I remember, the Space Shuttle Discovery is to launch from the US.  This mission is carrying the signatures of all of Clay Middle School’s students (from last year) on board and then to be released into space.  Up and down to breakfast on the 5th floor.  The lobby is on the 3rd floor.  We are on a subway and train station somehow.  I hear them, but cant see them.  On to the bus we go and off the special Integrated High School.  We had an orientation, toured the school and the property.  It has an Olympic size track and if Tokyo gets the 2016 Olympic Games, this will be a training facility for the Olympic athletes.


I have much more to add here.   But just a note:  went to several classes; went to river sports-interesting; lunch with students; meetings with teachers and students.



When we returned home, the teacher from Okalahoma and I went to the amazing Y100 Store called Daisu.  It is incredible.  All kinds of stuff, some nice, some junque.  We were in there for about two hours having an absolute blast.  From their we went just across the street to a noodle restaurant and had our dinner and potstickers.  Then we went for a walk and stopped in a book-music store.  I bought a CD which featured Japan’s main rock group right now called V6.   Then we found a Wal-Mart type of store (no WM in Japan), called Ito ????   We looked around in this place at all the clothes, perfumes and the food hall.  On our way out we stopped for ice cream sundaes.  The ice cream was homemade which made it all that more delicious.


I attempted to do a webcast on the hour, every hour through the night but it is very difficult when it is not working correctly somehow, and I am really tired.  Our schedules do not let up at all.  I finally got to bed for about an hour of continuous sleep.