Day 2

MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2007. (DAY 2)

SF is three hours behind Indy.  The alarm went off at 6:30 am here (that would be 9:30 am at home).  It was a fast night, it seemed like.  Downstairs for a nice breakfast, then checked out and waited for the 9am departure bus to go back to the airport.  I called home and learned that Drew Carey’s first day hosting the Price Is Right will be today, so that was big news.   The bus arrived at 8:55.  All boarded and off to SF International.  In we went to a special door then to special United counters that had welcome signs in lights for all the JFMFers.  The US-based crew of the International Institute of Education and the US-based JFMF staff said their goodbyes to us and wished us well.  When I checked in my bag was 6 pounds overweight!  Now wait a minute, it was right at 50..finally yesterday.  I didn’t buy anything or add anything from the hotel, so something was odd, but I took out my trench coat and carried it and that was fine.  I had my seat assignment and off to the gate 100 I went.  The JFMFers are scattered throughout the plane.  In just a few minutes, it was time to board, and after a few minute delay on we went.  Wow, I had economy plus..that’s a few more inches of leg and work room! I had a window seat that would eventually look south.  In the next seat was a Japanese student very interested in the anime characters and games. He shared that he was returning from a home stay in <st1:city><st1:place>Houston</st1:place></st1:city> and thought that it was very interesting.  Next to him was a director from Intel. Off we went.  Smooth as glass the entire flight.  I got up three times to do a few laps around the plane, visit with people, and look around.  We had two very nice meals and also a large snack!  Did I mention that the plane was a 747?   A Boeing 747 is an airplane that has an upstairs.  So at one point during the flight, I went upstairs to see what it was like.  People were stretched out, sound asleep in their big and fancy chairs.  This was a first class area for passengers.  Pretty amazing.  When I came back down, some of the teachers that I had met all looked at me in a rather strange way. I went back to my seat.  A little while later, a couple of teachers who were up walking around came over and said that some of the folks that saw me come back through the cabin thought that I had a seat in the first class area (as they hadn’t seen me go in and up earlier!).  It was a good laugh…oh, I didn’t correct them, it was way too much fun!