Day 21



Up around 10am for about an hour and then again about 7pm and went to MCL for dinner. I got caught up on some of the national and local news: fires still in California; Carmel High School moves on in the playoffs (that’s the high school in which Clay Middle School, where I teach, feeds into) and is their Sectional Champions; the Indianapolis Colts are still undefeated with a 7-0 record and play the New England Patriots (8-0 record) on Sunday. Somebody’s record is going to change!; and Tuesday is election day—one of the hottest contested races in quite awhile especially for Mayor of Indianapolis and many positions for City Council; and I am back from Japan, but the stories are about to begin. I look forward to being able to share so many of the events that took place over the next few weeks. I reflect right now that the experience was extraordinary.

Monday, when I go back to school, it will come very soon, but I look forward to bending anyone’s ear about the fantastic journey in Japan. To share the wonders of the land, the kindness and caring of the people, the educational system, the economy, the background, the food….it will all be exciting.

I cannot wait to share JAPAN: THROUGH MY EYES TO YOURS………………..