Day 6

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2007 (DAY 6)


I was up at 3:45, and met some folks in the lobby at 4:15AM. We took a taxi to the famous Tusjiki Fish Market, where everything happens before sunrise. Oh my. The taxi ride should have cost about $10 total. Somehow, he only charged us 30c each! Okay. The fish market, is hard to explain. There are little carts…hundreds of them zooming around carrying boxes of fish of all kinds. In the warehouse are the sellers. Each with their stall of fresh shellfish, invertebrates and vertebrates. Squid, octopus, clams, shrimps, fish of all kinds.   At 5am was the tuna auction. It was a show all in its own. It starts as quickly as it finishes, with literally thousands of Yen changing hands. The walkways are slimy, but clean, with fish particles and parts. Nearby is the same thing only with vegetables! Here, you can get your sushi as fresh as you want. We found the fishing shrine as well, and several little shops and stores leading to it. It was time to head back to the hotel and get cleaned up. It was a short subway ride…that cost more than this mornings taxi! Once again, a beautiful breakfast buffet. I will make my comments brief today. It was a very serious day, with extraordinary presentations. We had sessions that we could elect to attend. Those decisions we had to make a few weeks ago, so they knew how to prepare each conference room. I attended the Peace session. The presentations were made my survivors of the Atomic Bomb that was dropped in 1945 on Hiroshima. I want to come back to this spot and add comments and notes later on. It will take awhile to put all of this down.                  

After the concurrent sessions, we had a nice buffet lunch. Kyoko Jones asked if I would sit with the presenters from the peace session and help the conversation along. I was most pleased and was able to learn more and we exchanged some ideas that could prove very interesting in the future. Mrs. Jones was rather pleased and had an idea herself that was generated from this conversation that again could be fascinating for us all in the future.

The afternoon session was on Kabuki, Japanese Theater. The presenter, Mark Oshima, gave a history of Japan through art and theater. Then, we had host city meetings, in our smaller groups. Monday, my group moves on to Ota-City. That really is a ward or precinct of Tokyo.

In the evening, I went with another teacher back to Asakusa (the temple that we were at a couple of days ago). I visited a couple of shops and just had a good look without so many people. It started to rain. We looked at additional shrines and the temple (which the doors were not open as it was already 7:30pm). The shops mostly closed at 7, but most were closed earlier, probably due to the weather which chased everyone away. We headed down a side alley and found an Italian restaurant. It was great and very inexpensive. I had a Spanish dish know as paella (PIE-EE-YA) with rice, squid, mussels, and shrimps. It was delicious. I also had a large bowl of corn soup, and for desert a mango pudding. We caught the subway back to the hotel, arriving around 10:30pm. The heavy rains when we got off the subway slowed us down. A man dug into his bag and gave us a newspaper to put on each of our heads! Brrr, it was chilly and wet. What a day. Good night.