Journal Entries


 before, during, and after the Official JFMF trip to Japan


Here are some abbreviations and locations that are used in this journal that may or may not be explained in the text:


JFMF = Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund (based in Japan)

FMF = (Japan) Fulbright Memorial Fund (based in Japan)

IIE = Institute of International Education (based in Washington, DC, USA)

JUSEC = Japan United States Education Commission (based in US and Japan)

Indy = Indianapolis

SF = San Francisco

USD = United States Dollars (currency of the United States of America)

Y = Yen (currency of Japan) (note that the actual symbol of Yen is a Y with two lines across the upward support bar of the Y ).

ku = ward (ku is a Japanese word to indicate a subdivision, sector, area or ward of a larger city. In this case “Ota-ku” means the name of the “ku”is Ota, a ward of Tokyo)

Toyko = largest city in Japan, population 130,000,000

Tokyu Inn = is a hotel chain located in throughout Tokyo and Japan

Prince Hotel = is a limited chain of top-notch five-star hotels throughout Japan (To stay at the Tokyo Prince Hotel certainly gets the oh’s and ahh’s!) Celebrities and dignitaries stay here.