Project Dedication

This project is dedicated to all those that believe in quality education; my colleagues and students of Clay JHS and the Carmel Clay Schools; my friends; and especially my parents With all good wishes to you,

Sincerely, Mark Weaver  

The following organizations and people are to be thanked for their help and cooperation with this unique on-line project when it was first started.

These acknowledgements recognize those people and their positions
as they were in October of 1998.
Without their services, this project would not be in existence.

The People of the Town of Churchill, Manitoba  

Churchill Community Network
Mike Iwanowsky, Chairman  

The Milken Family Foundation
Mr. Lowell Milken, Co-Chairman and Founder
Michael Milken     Joani Milken-Noah    Jane Foley  

The Indiana Department of Education  
Dr. Suellen Reed, Superintendent
Leah Bricker, State Science Consultant
Carolyn White, State Technology
Cathy Danyluk, School and Professional Development  

Indianapolis Power & Light Company Enterprises
Mr. John Hodowal, Chairman
Linda Brown-Koch, Community Relations  

Community Leaders Allied for Superior Schools  
Patti Brennan, Creative Director  

Central Indiana Educational Services Center
Susan L. Tennant       Tony Spelde
Carmel Clay School Corporation and Board of Education
Paul Bolin; Angela Corley; Bruce Breeden; Mark Hartman; Tom Williams, School Board
Dr. R. Stephen Tegarden, Superintendent
Dr. Barbara Underwood, Asst.Supt for Curriculum Development
Mrs. Susan Moeschl, Corporation Media Services Director
Mr. Bruce Thompson, Corporation Technology Supervisor
Ms. Patti Flowers, Asst to the Superintendent and Media Relations  

Clay Junior High School Students, Faculty, Staff, and PTO
Steven Dillon, Principal
Rich Reasoner and Tom Rogers, Asst. Principals
Karen Finney and Carol Conner,  Instructional Media Specialists
Carol Mayer, School Technology Coordinator & Project Coordinator,  Research
Jane Alt and Sally Davidson, Computer Specialists and Advisors
Amy Armstrong, Steve Mattingly, Jan Goodyear, and Kathy Coats, project participants
Bob Weber, Technology Materials Instruction and Location
Mark Smith, Photographic Advisor and Media Relations
Trish Chanen, Travel Coordinator
Rita Rosensteele, PTO Media Information
The Science Department  

Parks Canada, Information Doug Clark  

Manitoba Department of Natural Resources, Information  

Tundra Buggy Tours, Ltd., tundra transportation and Polar Bear Lodge  

Don Gould, Churchill accomodations  

Rob and Bonnie Watson, Initial Project Coordination and Background-Churchill  

Fred and Mary Nichols, National Geographic Magazine Information Suppliers
Bruce and Ruth Beck, Additional National Geographic Magazine Info Suppliers  

Betty and Cecil Higginbotham, Background Computer Suppliers  

Mr & Mrs Penny, daughter Sue Gallacher and Zoe, of Cheddar, Somerset, England, direct decendants of the search and rescue mission of the British Franklin Expeditions, for providing  documents pertinent to this project from the 1800's  

Chick and Denny Gayley, French Interpretation and Artistic Work  

Barbara Weaver, US Information Relay, and my mom!