November 10, 1998

Have been up all night working on the pages.  Some of the material isn't going through.  I think I am tired and maybe hitting the wrong send keys or something.  Also, the network has been kicking me off repeatedly.  I will try sending again in tonight.     Oh my, I seemed to have slept in a bit!  Off to Gypsy's, in my truck this time, for breakfast.  A nice hot omelette with cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms; served with potatoes and toast.  There were several people in the place that were birdwatchers.  They had some interesting stories of the birds they had (or thought they had) seen.  They liked the story of the gyrfalcon and the ptarmigan that took place on Saturday from my buggy!  Tomorrow is a Canadian National Holiday called "Remembrance Day".  This is similar to America's Veteran's Day.  All banks, post offices, stores, schools are closed.  (Oh, I learned last night that I would not be talking to the class at the school.  The lady forgot about this when she asked me last week).  I have got to do some last minute looking around and kind of alter the schedule of what I wanted to accomplish today.  I returned back to the Eskimo Museum to have another look at some of the carvings.  Then across the street to the Parks Canada Office.  That's where I spent the balance of the day.  Doug Clark and his entourage were most interested in seeing the polar bear with the briefcase video and photographs.  And later they had the Department of Natural Resources take a look.  Doug and I went to the Lazy Bear for lunch, and he answered several more of the sent questions so I can get them posted soon.  We went back to the office.  There was a special presentation by Gary Alt, a bear wildlife biologist from the upper part of the U.S.  He is here to continue his research and give this presentation.  It was an incredible two hour talk about brown, black, grizzly and polar bears.  After the talk, the DNR people were back with a report of a polar bear that had smashed into someone's cabin on Goose Creek Road.  I asked for directions!  (I plan to go down there tomorrow with all the other things that I want to try and finish up).  From the office, I headed to the home of Theresa Sivanertok.  Theresa is an Inuit stone carver.  I asked her some questions about the stone and the ease of carving.  She was very gracious in answering some questions (which I will post in the FAQ section).  I stopped in the local jewelry store to just have a wee look round and a customer in the place was from the Disney Studios.  He was here on assignment to film the walking action of polar bears.  This will be used in the design of some new character.  I also learned that there is a possibility of a Disney Theme Park somewhere in Canada.  Later, I wound up going to Wong Kee chinese restaurant for dinner, it was very nice. During dinner in walked in Bill and Faye Horner, of the Marine Service Enterprise Corp of Del Mar, California.  They were on the three day buggy-lodge experience that I was on.  I asked them to join me.  We had a great conversation.  It turns out that Bill was/is very influential in renewing the tuna industry in the US and getting it started in many foreign countries.  He also knew all about the design of the dolphin friendly nets.  He talked about diving with the tuna and letting dolphin out of the nets that used to trap them.  That all went so fast.  Now it's back to work on these pages and to try and restore yesterdays!