November 2, 1998

Today is mostly dedicated to sorting out the technology part of this experience.  I have spent a good portion of the morning at the Parks Canada office (see related links) meeting their folks, and with the President of the Churchill Community Network, Mike Iwanowsky.  He worked on this laptop that I am using so that it will be able to use their server to send information.  In other words, I have an account here in Churchill, courtesy of Mike and "CanCom".   Later, went off to have lunch at Gypsy's.  There I had a Ukrainian treat of perogies with bacon and onions.  Delicious on a cold day such as what is outside right now.  It is again around -10 with some wind.  The streets are incredibly icy, as I know for a fact witnessing two people fall on my way to Parks Canada (oh, I was one of the two!)   Then, back to Parks Canada to meet with the entire staff to work on answering questions that have been sent by many students, staff, and those that have arrived here by email.
We wound up eating a few bags of Halloween candy and doing a lot of research.  Much of the information about polar bears, Churchill, and the area will be found in the FAQ pages (go back to "opening page" and find the FAQ link at the bottom).  Then, dinner time.  Back to the Lazy Bear for a fish and chip dinner.  Sat with a German couple that I met yesterday in Winnipeg.  We exchanged some stories while we ate.  They saw eight polar bears today, out on the tundra.  I am really excited about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Those are my days on the Tundra Buggies and to stay in the lodge/bunkhouse!  (In fact we talked so much, I had to get a to-go box so I could eat it later)  After dinner, at 8pm, went back to Parks Canada for a presentation on winter photography done by a professional photographer. At 9:30pm the air raid sirens went off.  That was for announcing the children's curfew.  Failure to follow curfew results in fines and/or community service.  (The tourists in the Parks office thought it was more exciting than that--like a polar bear in town!)  As I reflect on the day, I cannot believe how much I have learned--both in technology and in life here.  I only hope that you (the readers) will be able to enjoy and use this site as much as possible.  Now, I must work on trying to incorporate the photos from the last two days into the proper linked pages in the "daily photos" section!