November 5, 1998

 Today I went to the Duke of Marlborough High School.  I met most of their staff and their school board.  The day was a day out for students, but in-service training for the teachers.  The teachers, administration, and the school board members all worked together on the issues that they had to discuss.  Their professional development committee elected to bring in a couple of speakers for their workshops and to present ideas for their use.  In attendance besides those mentioned above, and myself, and a couple of parents, totaled about 30.  The total enrollment for k-12 here is 210.  7-12 is 80!  Everyone was most hospitable.  Bob McKenzie, the principal and teacher at the high school section, and I had lunch in the adjoining Health Centre.  We were joined by Bill VanRooy a teacher who I had met earlier in the week.  The day was very informative.  I was asked to come to the Science Club meeting next Wednesday at noon and speak with the kids. Sounds like fun!  I visited the various small stores and talked with many of their owners. One place, "Northern Images", I purchased a book Sarah, that describes this town and the surroundings through a young girls' eyes.  It was autographed by the author!  I stopped in the "Northern".  This is a general variety store with a small grocery.  Yesterday, I purchased a pair of glove/mittens with a flip top end.  Today I bought some snacks for the next three days worth of adventures on the raw tundra and a face mask hat.  I noticed that on my way out of the high school today, that small ice crystals were forming in by eyebrows and in my nose.  Knowing that the conditions are going to be more intense once I leave the sanctity of this town, I had best be prepared.  I called in at the Tundra Buggy office once again to purchase a new zipper pull thermometer.  I want to know how cold it really IS!  From there, I went to the Churchill Motel Restaurant.  Wow, what a nice warm dinner.  Turkey with stuffing, real mashed potatoes, tea, mixed veg, cranberries, roll, beef and barley soup.  Only $12.95!  My last meal as I leave this civilization.  The excitement is really building!!!!  One more thing for this day.  I attended at 8pm another presentation at the Parks Canada building.  Tonight the presentation was about the establishment of the Inuit culture throughout the arctic. The wave of people goes (for you archeology types):  pre-Dorset; Dorset; then a 200 year break for some unknown reason; Thule; finally the Inuit.  This succession starts back at least 4000 years.  Starting with the hunting of caribou in the inland part, then moving to the edges of the coasts (I guess a coast is the edge), hunting seals, then whales. Oh, before I sign off for the night, I recall the folks telling me at the school, that school is closed weather conditions rate a -2600 windchill....yes, that's -2600 (okay that's based on how much body heat is lost in a certain amount of time.  -2600 is severely cold, skin will freeze instantly.  That equates to a -40 to a -80 regular windchill!!  -2600 sounds so dramatic.  Good night for now.