October 19, 1998

There are less than two weeks until my departure to the north.  There are many things running through my head, and that I am concerned about.  I have been trained by several people in how to use this new computer.  FYI:  this is all being done on Netscape Composer, and then ftp'ed (sent by) Adobe Page Mill.  The computer that I will be taking is a Toshiba, Satellite Pro 430CDS, Pentium with Windows 95, with modem, zip drive and appropriate other converters and attachments.  Now, just a few days back I would have had no idea what I was saying about now!  My tech support folks have busy with me, trying to get me to learn all these techno things.  During the next week I will be trained on the use of the digital cameras.  I normally shoot with 35mm color slide/print film.  Also, I have been preparing my clothes for the expedition.  Thick socks, stout shoes, insulated underwear, a couple of different parkas, scarves, heavy jeans and shirts, gloves and mittens are the bill of fare for subarctic conditions.  I just received a FAX from the Tundra Buggy, Ltd. to confirm that I will be in the Polar Bear Lodge on the nights of Nov 6 & 7 (Fri and Sat).  Now I am still sorting out where I will be staying the other eight nights that I plan to be in Churchill!