October 21, 1998

Today, received a phone call from Don Gould in Churchill confirming that he could accommodate me during the nights that I am not in the Polar Bear Lodge.  My tech support person here has left for a few days.  Probably getting a much needed break from my questioning, but she will be back before I leave and will be at school to coordinate things while I am away.  Today, I was presented the digital camera.  I have yet to take photos with it, but was given a quick course in how to download the photographs into this machine using Kodak's new product.  I am concerned at this point in how well the apparatus will hold up in the extreme cold temperatures of Churchill.  Am also finding some of the pages that I am publishing here are being "temperamental" to say the least.  Some of the colors I am trying to use on the links are becoming different colors when they are not supposed to, etc.  I guess as long as they work, that's the main thing.  Now it is even getting closer  to the d-date (departure).  Just to add a few personal problems to the mix:  while driving home my engine in the car "exploded" with pieces all over the drive and yard.  It turns out that it will have to be replaced....with a new one (sure glad I purchased the extended warranty package).  And, tonight my furnace went out!  It is cold outside here, in Central Indiana this evening =  34 degrees.(F).