Suggested Reading

These are books that have information about Churchill, Manitoba and the area or related areas. They have been selected from various collections and may or may not be readily available at bookstores.  Some of these listings originated in Churchill.  The readings listed here are not required readings for this project.  These are  listed by subject.

On Churchill:

Churchill on Hudson Bay   Angus & Bernice MacIver.  (orig pub 1982)  Churchill Ladies Club, Eskimo Museum, Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill:  Polar Bear Capital of the World   Mark Fleming  (orig pub  1988)  Hyperion Press, Ltd.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The New Guide to Churchill Manitoba, Canada   (orig pub 1994)  The Churchill Chamber of Commerce

On the Inuit (Eskimo):

Carved from the Land:  The Eskimo Museum Collection  Lorraine E. Brandson  (orig pub 1994)  Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba,  Canada.  (The Eskimo Museum, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada)

The Desperate People   Farley Mowat.  (orig pub 1959)  Bantam Books.

The Eskimo:  The Inuit and Yupik People    Alice Osinski.  (orig pub 1985)  Childrens Press, Chicago  Regensteiner Enterprises, Inc.

People of the Ice:  How the Inuit Lived    Heather Smith Siska   (orig pub  1980)  Firefly Press, Buffalo, New York


Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America: Discover the Highways that Opened a Continent  Barbara Buck et al.  (orig pub 2002)  Heartland Associates, Inc.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Frozen in Time:  Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition   Owen Beattie, John Geiger.  1992, Greystone Pub.  British Columbia.  (orig pub 1987).

Polar Bears (and related Arctic wildlife):

The Great White Bears   Robert W. Nero.  (orig pub 1971)  Manitoba Dept of Renewable Resources and Transportation Services.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ice King:  The Story of a Polar Bear    Ernestine N. Byrd   (orig pub 1965)  Universal-Tandem Publishing Co.,Ltd., London.

Pelican to Polar Bears, Watching Wildlife in Manitoba   Catherine Senecal  (orig pub 1999, w/ revisions 2003)  Heartland Associates, Inc.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bears   Dan Guravich and Ian Sterling.

The World of the Polar Bear   Norbert Rosing. (orig pub 1994 in German; orig pub in English 1996)  English publication by Firefly Books, Ltd.,  Buffalo, New York 
WAPUSK: White Bear of the North   Dennis Fast  (orig pub 2003) Canada Map Sales/Manitoba Conservation; Heartland Associates, Inc.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Of Dogs and Men, Fifty Years in the Antarctic:  The Illustrated Story of the Dogs of the British Antarctic Survey -1994   Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson  (orig pub 1996)  Images Publishing (Malvern) Ltd., Bristol, England.